New blockquote styles going here

There will be nice blockquotes, because you know how I like blockquotes. Blockquotes are the HTML which surrounds a big chunk of text, usually indented. I like to make it smaller, with a simpler font. Why not throw in nice little lines above and below. FOR EXAMPLE:

The New York Times reports today that Ariel Sharon perhaps shouldn't have taken all those bribes. I just can't believe it, a sleazy Greek resort hotel deal, it will crush him!?!

2 Ministers Say Sharon Will Have to Resign if Indicted: Two Israeli cabinet ministers said today that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would have to resign if an influence-buying investigation eventually led to his indictment.

Style sheet makes it looks better

In an effort to fill up more space on the page I will describe this new system I'm setting up, and why it's better. The old Scoop system which was my site until last November had some things that never worked out well. The layout was made of complicated tables and a lot of bad FONT tags, plus everything pieced together with tough Perl code. And it required Apache with a special Perl module which took a lot of memory and slowed my computer. Besides that, it was not very searchable and I couldn't make up categories as I went along, so I wouldn't write about things that didnt go in categories. The headline was too way too big, which made me avoid putting things down more often. Overall a lot of flaws pile up.

Progress on layout

Now I've made some nice background images for texture but it looks like its maybe a little bit too patchy just yet.

New HongPong5 system works!!

I am putting together what is finally by my reckoning the fifth version of This one will be more fluid and entertaining than before. The software, including updating my Perl system, took only about an hour and a half. Time for bed. Customizations tomorrow!!

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