Style sheet makes it looks better

In an effort to fill up more space on the page I will describe this new system I'm setting up, and why it's better. The old Scoop system which was my site until last November had some things that never worked out well. The layout was made of complicated tables and a lot of bad FONT tags, plus everything pieced together with tough Perl code. And it required Apache with a special Perl module which took a lot of memory and slowed my computer. Besides that, it was not very searchable and I couldn't make up categories as I went along, so I wouldn't write about things that didnt go in categories. The headline was too way too big, which made me avoid putting things down more often. Overall a lot of flaws pile up.

I would like to point out that forcing people to register just to make comments is very annoying and I will never do that garbage again. Again, a Scoop problem.

So now there is this new software which is widely used in blogs all over the place called MovableType, and it is nice and flexible. There are plenty of plug-ins and anyone can say anything without bother.

this software is pretty sophisticated but it doesn't require the computer to process Perl every time someone visits. All the pages are generated HTML. Comments may not work too fast.

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