Last year's archives reinstated

The good news is that last night I finally set some time aside to extract all the postings from the old and drop them into this new system, MovableType.

For those interested in the technicalities of it, I had the whole Scoop database as a giant XML file, with all the headlines, dates and encoded HTML. I needed to figure out how to use a technology called XLST to convert the XML into HTML, and from there copy it into MovableType. That took a while, but it worked. I also added some plug-ins, including the much-needed photo album plugins.

The old junker computer still isn't working and I think I'll have to ditch it.

So now all the old postings from the of yore are available. Coming soon, the huge library of protest photos and other such images. Also, I may have to fish out the older archives and add those, too. Soon there will be category listings on the right hand side, and some richer images.

To look at the archives, use the links at right.

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