Linx0rs fix0rd

I fixed the links on the right-hand side. They're now mostly the same as the old Now that they're there, I'll go on to make some modifications. I have also been digging up more information on how to modify MovableType in various ways, so that I can have a nice image gallery and improved archive organization, as well as possibly some dynamic RSS (news push) content. It's been quite a week.

While looking around at some blogs considered the most well-designed, I see that a little attention to the delicate structure of style sheets can go a long way. Also there are some very well-designed galleries out there. There are news feed type setups. This is a journalist who has been around Iraq some-and evidently uses the same software as me. here is a small community blog of law students. I thought this site had a simple, attractive gallery setup. (Japanese Apple store is very cool)
The site Etherfarm has a very good gallery but also seems pretentious.

(sing along hour: I was wasting awaaaayyy)

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