Shocking helicopter video of killing people

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The following is totally beyond normal tastes and unsuitable for kids to see. Yet it reveals something about the reality of war.

I bumped into this immediately when I happened to snoop around the Freepers' site--something I rarely do, I assure you. From the wackySan Antonio Lightning Newspaper comes the big question:

"How Effective Are US Forces? A Unique Look At US Department Of Defense Capabilities"

The video is an MPEG (and crappy realplayer) in which you can see the crosshairs drifting around and hear the pilots trying to spot people on what I assume is an infrared night-vision camera on the lens. Who are these people? Why are they being killed? I don't know but it sure looks real. their point, it seems, is to illustrate how great technology is for keeping our personnel safe.
i also find it really funny that the site is packed with advertisements for local Republican candidates--the militant rightwing mirror of DailyKos. Is it legal to steal helicopter footage and advertise for Republicans???

WARNING: Here, SAL links you to EXTREME video of US kills on hostile forces. We warn you--this is actual DoD video of human kills. We offer this video only as a demonstration of US military superiority--and to illustrate why we should prefer to spend money on technology rather than risk our men and women in uniform. This footage is recorded using FLIR technology.(video without permission)

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