Struck Dumb

Wednesday was a very strange one. I am not sure what to make of all that's happened.

What does it mean to have a man at the helm who knows he's made mistakes, but can't recall what they are?

Where do we go from here? How will the world react to Bush and Sharon's joint declaration?

If it's now US policy to support these things, are the settlers and the White House coordinating? How is Washington-- the Pentagon and the White House, I suppose-- gauging the 'realities on the ground?' Who gets free reign to manipulate the realities?

"Bush rips up the road map" reports the Guardian today. On Tuesday, "Sharon vows to keep control of major West Bank settlements" they reported.

The rumors are getting around now that the horrible John Negroponte will be appointed to succeed Paul Bremer in the Sovereign Iraq. That man's hands are bloody from Central America, the horror of this man ruling American policy in Iraq with all these mercenaries around is too much...

Haaretz analysis on Bush's statements.

I respect Rabbi Michael Lerner writing in the Nation (and online) about the terrible synchronicities of both occupations. Lerner is among the Jewish peace movement struggling to challenge the occupation of Palestinian land. This piece is a little more radical dissention from Zionism, also the Nation.

"Saravejo on the Euphrates." Another Nation article about the wreckage of Fallujah.
I think everyone should read what Billmon wrote on the Bush-Sharon agreement today. It is a dead on expression on what we've thrown away, and what terrible risks are being gained by the moment.

Cheney's paycheck from Halliburton in 2003 was only $20,000 less than his White House paycheck.

Rep. Waxman watching the reconstruction contracts in Iraq. Good info here...

Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek: "Our Last Real Chance" featuring "The Politics of Rage: Why do They Hate Us?"

More about the devious Ahmed Chalabi from the Agonist.

What weakness, what confusion...

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