CPA Neocon furiously critical of occupation

It sounds like one of the high-ranking neoconservatives is very angry with how badly the occupation was planned. He wrote a report to the CPA that was published anonymously today. According to the DKos, rumor has it that it's Micahel Rubin, an Office of Special Plans and American Enterprise Institute schemer.

The report ominously warns of civil war and points out that the setup which allowed the Governing Council to appoint ministers has led to a lot of nepotism, patronage and self-dealing, exacerbating the problem of how to manage the estimated 30 militias roaming the country. This report is very sobering since it comes from deep within the machine...

Via the Agonist some nice news bits about the terrifying road to Basra. Also a good roundup from Winds of Change about Central Asia. My favorite was this hilarious piece from Something Awful making fun of the batty dictator of Turkmenistan. Speaking of the Agonist, its main editor Sean Paul Kelley is something of an expert on Central Asia and the Caucasus region and he had an interesting report on the continuing confrontation between the US and Russia inside Georgia. Also the WindsOfChange writeup cites a report from Sgt Hook blogging in Afghanistan, where his tent city has been replaced with a hut city, much to the pleasure of our increasingly obscured soldiers there.

Bob Woodward is writing WaPo pieces extracted from his new book.

Robert Dreyfuss is a Washington journalist who's done a lot of good work exposing neo-con machinations and all that, and he now writes on regularly so I would suggest you check it out.

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