Site traffic still strong

I just ran my web server logs and yet again the numbers show that the site is still fairly popular and still catching hits from military (.mil) computers, as well. (specifically Navy computers!)

The current list of different countries includes the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Australia, Poland, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, Turkey, Macedonia, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium, Argentina, Italy, Austria, South Africa, Singapore, Mexico, Spain, Ukraine, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Israel, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia, Thailand, Lithuania, Seychelles and Hong Kong.

Right here you can see the full access report, now including referrers.

Not all of these different countries appeared since the last log analysis. However traffic is still high, and April 23rd was my busiest day so far, with 547 page requests. The Googlebot really likes to visit, as well.

Now that the referrers are being listed,, where I leave comments sometimes, as well as Technorati provide a lot of incoming hits. Technorati is a somewhat arrogant kind of rate-yourself sort of enterprise that I decided to get a listing on. Through the Technorati service, I can see that my site is listed on at least 19 other sites on the Internet, a much higher number than I thought. Primarily the sites list me on the 'blogroll' as a DailyKos blogger, and they tend to call me 'Hong Pong.' Oh well... network effects on the increase!

Thank you to everyone who continues visiting! I'll keep trying to improve the functions and features of the site, and I hope everyone likes that the front page now loads much more quickly!

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