Crazed press flack tries to cut off Powell in Jordan

This is so bizarre: Colin Powell was being interviewed by Tim Russert, and right as Russert asks the key question about spoofed intelligence at the UN, Powell's media person somehow gets the camera to point away from Powell and stops everything for a few moments. Then Powell gets control again and answers the question.

The video is online. Skip to about halfway to see where—what, the press monkey takes over the camera? This was laid out on this blog, via the Agonist.

I don't know what happened, really. This fixation on video clips is a striking feature of reality lately. I finally finished reading Pattern Recognition, which revolves around a set of enigmatic video clips distributed on the Internet, and obsessed forum-goers search for hidden connections in these videos. And yet who would have thought that William Gibson's 'footage fetishists' would so readily appear in our reality? Now we have enigmatic moments of horror like the Berg atrocity to drive speculation on the message boards in droves.

They are making the case that there are fifty weird things about the Berg video. I will reflect on this a little later. Beware the lawn chair.

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