Third party time!

In front of the theater on Friday there was a guy with a table set up handing out flyers and talking to people. He turned out to be one Thomas Harens, new pre-candidate for President here in Minnesota. He's started the Christian Freedom Party, a group opposed to the Christian right that would supposedly strip votes from Bush's right in Minnesota, perhaps a reverse Ralph Nader. Gotta love the beret on his campaign site.

There's something uniquely American about such a scene, that our system permits a guy from St. Paul to form a party, collect some signatures and get on the ballot. In Minnesota, the threshold is only 2,000 signatures, lower than most. Along with Alex Legge, we signed his petition to the Secretary of State. It's quite improbable to find a third-party presidential candidate getting started virtually on my doorstep. I talked with the guy, and I hope to get some interesting news out of this one...

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