Bulgarian Mac alum trying to raise money for school

There's Mac grad in Bulgaria, Issidor Iliev, who is looking to score some cash to deal with going to the Stern School of Management. He's got the website going:

I was recently accepted to Stern School of Management, New York University and the primary reason for this web site is to help raise funds for my education there. As an international student, I have limited access to funds in the U.S. and unfortunately Stern does not have arrangements with U.S. banks to fund the full cost of education at the school. Now, after years of hard work, I have the amazing chance of being able to study in this top management school, and it would be unfortunate not to attend just because of my birth place. How will you benefit in all this? How will the world benefit?

I trust there are people who believe in giving others a chance and in helping others overcome hindrances and better themselves. As a matter of fact, I am such a person – whenever I have had the means, I have helped non-profit organizations, either through volunteering or financially. The Wilder Foundation for Children, Magen David Adom, Macalester College, groups fighting bigotry, are among the organizations I have assisted. I would like to assure you as a potential donor, that contributing funds for an MBA will be one of your most constructive donations, a donation that will keep on giving. Receiving an MBA will increase my personal and professional opportunities, which in turn will help me achieve my philanthropic ideas. And any charitable and volunteer work I will perform during my life will indirectly be influenced by you – with a small contribution now, you will advance a lifetime of giving. How can you help? You can go to the donate/loan section and donate any amount of funds you find appropriate. Along with getting listed in the supporters section of the site anyone who donates more than $15 will receive an Issidor.com T-shirt. You can also loan me an amount.

So give the man a break, assist Bulgaria and all that!

It is genuinely funny how many Bulgarians we have around here this summer. And the other day I saw a professor wearing a Bulgaria T-shirt. Too bad I don't know any Bulgarian expressions.

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