Clarification on Comcast

Paul commented that

So I'm paying Comcast to fix your puppy chewed outlet? Sheesh.

Oh wait. I don't have Comcast.

Whatever. They're all the same.

That isn't what I meant to convey. The outlet in question was up on the pole in the alley. The puppy didn't do it. The actual term for the fried thing is the 'line tap,' I think, inside the box on the telephone that the cable connects to. And Comcast fixed it for free, because we pay them plenty as it is, so they better fix their own boxes when they get messed up.

Paul would be one of the people I took a class with this summer. He sports the blog Big ups to him for stopping by. Next time I'll clarify that we don't have too much electronic puppy sabotage going around here... at least so far.

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