93K vote story in Ohio laid to rest, but Questions Remain

I'm about to get teased, I sense, by one of my afternoon poli. sci. professors for an email I sent out after posting the stuff below last night. Turns out that Olbermann retracted the 93,000 vote claim this morning, much to my chagrin. I got an email from Peter Gartrell suggesting that I not wrap the whole damn campus up in my conspiracy theories. Well, i never said that I was certain of the story, just that its appearance in a corporate news source proved it was more likely to have something behind it.

However, there are plenty of other stories out there that need to be examined, including the Black Box Voting issue, the optical scanner discrepancies in Florida and such things as the Ohio machine that added 4,000 votes for Bush—nearly a twentieth of his victory margin, from just one machine. That one was corrected, but how many of things happened in an unobservable fashion?

I'm feeling a little bit dumb that I jumped the gun on this one, and normally I don't do such things, but for some reason I felt that when the corporate guys broke the story, it became far more worthwhile to email people about. Email your brickbats to Microsoft. (what is a brickbat besides a tired journalist expression for pissed off people anyway?)

I have to jet to lunch in a sec, but here are a few stories to look at about it.

Florida discrepancies from county to county.

"Election 2004: worse than 2000?"

"Presidental votes miscast on e-voting machines across the country"

"Going down the stolen election road?" by David Corn of The Nation.

"The Scourge of PESTS," more fluffy but it talks about people denied the right to vote and missing absentee ballots in Ohio.

Eriposte has some stuff about exit poll irregularities and other stuff.

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