Blarg...Sunday homework time for pipelines

Sorry to disappoint but I can't really post anything today, except maybe late at night. The radio station is closed down for the weekend, so I don't have a show this evening. That's really a good thing because I don't have the time right now.

Today I am working on a paper about pipelines and pipeline politics. As an experiment I put together a few Wiki pages about pipelines. I have no idea if you might find these interesting, but energy politics is a real big deal so it might be worth lookin at. There is some interesting stuff about the Caspian Sea, an article by Seymour Hersh about Mobil oil doing shady things in Kazakhstan, etc. I should say that this paper is a lit review about the subject, so I'm not vouching for the accuracy of any of these materials. They are intended to provide different perspectives etc.

Also I have some stuff about pipeline plots in Afghanistan and the new deals between those old bugbears Iran and China. And The Balkans.

I am sorry I haven't updated the 'Tracking election irregularities' HongWiki page lately... It's on the list!

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