PoliticsMN: The list of state legislators so far

Well, I have been going at this for a couple weeks now, and school officially starts today. The big concentration of interviews is mostly over with, but they've piled up to profile quickly. This entry is intended to as a way to console myself that I've already gotten a large chunk done, because by God it doesn't yet feel that way.

So here's the list of Minnesota legislators I've interviewed, and profiles I've written:

Interviewed but haven't written profiles:



Profiles completed:



Ugh, unfortunately I'm not quite on top of writing these damn things. But I'm getting there...

Starting Monday morning at 10, it's time for Senators Mee Moua (DFL-67) and Ellen Anderson (DFL-66), Reps. Michael Nelson (R-46A), Ruth Johnson (DFL-23) and Fran Bradley (R-29B).

I started a Wiki page for PoliticsInMinnesota info.

Hurray for final semester at Macalester! Yahoooo! I'm going to bed. My wrists are tired as hell from typing... Hah, it seems like I might have found the fix for the server's date sliding problem, finally. Or not. Time will tell.

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