Raining Like Hell

Hey all,

It is Raining Like Hell on Sanibel Island, near Ft. Myers in the Voting Rights State. Apparently the weather will be better tomorrow. We are in a cafe right now, where last night I transmitted my midterm paper for Holocaust class to Kellan PoliSciPimp Anfinson... So it is fairly uneventful. I was hoping to get a tan and stuff but you can't really do that in the torrential rain.

There are hundreds of alligators on this island but I haven't seen one yet. Between our condo and the beach there is a brackish coastal swamp where the alligators are known to roam. Yesterday the Lucy Dog, who previously hadn't been afraid of going on the boardwalk over the swamp, was just terrified and had to be dragged across the boardwalk. She can probably smell the Rotting Flesh in the mouths of those nasty beasts, or something like that. There are strange noises at night, frogs etc...

We ate at the Lazy Flamingo last night and as we were going to the car, we noticed that raccoons were all over the dumpster. How many? Seven. I went in to tell the staff about it, and our waitress smiled and said, "Oh, there's more than that!" Ah Florida, always ready to let the animals forage as long in order to have to get rid of less garbage.

From what I have seen the Island is an excellent wildlife refuge and a low-key sort of spot, no nasty highrises etc. Really fairly nice, if not for this dicey weather. The Island has a strange post-apocalyptic feel to it--and you know how I like to feel post-apocalyptic--because it got hammered in those hurricanes last year, knocking down lots of trees etc. On the flight down here, i talked with an interesting young woman and she told me about how her and her friends went out to surf in the fifteen foot waves around the island as the hurricane came in. Then they got arrested. Naturally.

I'm lookin forward to a trip to Colorado with a good crew of people, starting this Saturday when I get back. Hell yeah!!

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