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Friday, March 25, 2005



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Also it seems that her parents are selling off their recently composed mailing list to conservative groups. But talk about your hyperactive core to target... those people got some buttons to push. (DailyKos / Billmon on it)

It is good to have Billmon back at the Whiskey Bar. I particularly like the future news snippets (as introduced by a dribble of news items parading the formation of an Iraqi government):

Iraqi politicians in the besieged Basra pocket vowed to break a deadlock that has blocked the formation of a new government, saying an agreement will be finalized before President-for-Life Bush's formal deification ceremony next week. Talks were slowed after three key negotiators – two Shia and one Kurd – died of old age last month . . .

Voice of Christian America

Iraq Cabinet Deal Said Close, Even as Evacuation Begins

January 12, 2009

Iraqi negotiators continued to haggle over the shape of their government in exile – nearly three decades after Iraq was overrun and annexed by the New Islamic Caliphate. Talks are reportedly deadlocked over genetic banker Ahmed Chalabi IV’s demand for control of the regime’s modest Treasury, reportedly valued at $150 trillion (3,500 Chinese renminbi) . . .

New New York Times

Iraq Talks Continue at Arkansas Oceanside Resort

March 28, 2045

Ok I gotta go to class now. There is much to say but little time to do it. Dang...

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