AIPAC, Uzbekistan and other ordinary people

Stayed up late watching WarGames. WOPR always manages to figure out the Nuclear Codes, and somehow that Matthew Broderick convinces it to transcend its boundaries and comprehend the futility of nuclear war. If only things went so well in Washington today... The Experts are Really Confused about what's going on.

Our Macalester news story in the Pioneer Press. Not 100% accurate. Can't say more.

The WaPo finally tackles the British Intelligence "fixed around the policy" story which hey, Hongpong (and a zillion other sites) brought you sooner than the Mass Media. George Galloway hates on our favorite Norm Coleman.

The elections in Iraq maybe made it worse. For your shot of fatalism consider this argument: let the Shiite death squads run amok. Why not? It makes about as much sense as anything else... Keep readin Juan Cole. Sunnis hint at peace terms.

The Bolton thing really bit them in the ass. No endorsement. Voinovich's passionate statement against Bolton. Crazy brave. Brownstein on how it is playing out inside the GOP. Steve Clemons is a key guy against all this, he wrote a piece and runs the, worth watching:

Whereas much of the support for Bolton has had the veneer of being about United Nations reform, what Bolton proponents really want is a ferocious show-down with Iran and North Korea through the United Nations -- not because the U.N. is a good venue for such a battle but because the weaknesses of the U.N. and the problem of getting Security Council unity behind resolutions may allow Bolton to kick apart the institution.

Another news bit.

Newsweek apologizes for the Koran toilet paper thing that set off fatal riots.

Worth looking at this major Agonist post about Franklin and the AIPAC case.

Where is the corporate cash going to paper over global warming?

Something crazy is happening around the Ferghana Valley (PDF) in Central Asia. One thought on it. Good background reading.

The Bush-Bolton Plan to Bomb Bushehr [Iran] by Jude Wanniski

A service I haven't seen before, the NY Times Link Generator for your blogging needs.

I am suddenly getting German spam to news links I can't read. Why did they send me this?

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