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Kinda sweet. Skype provides free Internet telephony for your Mac, PC, Linux or PocketPC. Sounds frickin sweet! You can also get a phone number assigned to you for 30 euros a year, and in theory you could have the number in Chicago while you live in Paris, saving everyone tons of money.

Sweet desktop backgrounds for yr widescreen via the blog of

Blog Torrent. What a great name. Good work, Downhill Battle!

I am looking at new ways to put HongPong together, in the hope that it could improve my odds of fruitful employment. ftrain has some interesting elements, crazy pretentious tho. Tao Of Mac has wiki or Everything2-style features with each of its pages. (check out ten open source projects to watch) WordPress is going to replace MovableType as the main site engine, and hopefully the HongWiki will get more closely integrated with the pages... Wordpress has lots of plugins now. Liberals Aganist Terrorism and their TerrorWiki. I like the idea of a Terrorwiki.

SoSueMe, the aptly named blog by Jon Lech Johansen of DeCSS/DVD/iTunes cracking fame. He's talking about why VLC has a frickin traffic cone icon. Excellent. Apparently a bunch of affiliated kids came back drunk with a cone. And then they started a cone collection. As someone who has gone coning from time to time, I deeply respect this.

This is the shadiest Microsoft disclaimer I've ever seen, at "This site is not an officially supported site. It is an incubation experiment and doesn't represent any particular strategy or policy. For other incubation experiments, see Enjoy!"

So damn funny, a t-shirt that says "I was Butt-Fucked at the NEVERLAND RANCH and all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt!" This kid gets a prize for t-shirt of the century. ()

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