Time to Double Down; Instant Messenger viruses are trying to get me

I feel... as if I am looking at the world from the bottom of a well...

And the only way to beat it is to bat it down...

I would like to note for the rest of the Internet that Nick Werth's AOL Instant Messenger client is infected with some kind of nasty program (although he blames John van Wagenen as the source of infection) that sends out links to dynu.com and johnslaten.com , which in turn downloads weird virus files. Fortunately I have a Mac and use Adium as my client. So no problem here!

You need to ditch AOL Instant Messenger and use an alternative IM client program, which will not get infected, and takes less CPU and memory besides. For Macs I recommend Adium. For Windows PCs and Linux, Gaim is the gold standard. Go for it, you won't look back.

Ok, other than AIM viruses, well folks, the hearing for Macalester's May 11 incident is on 9 AM, this Tuesday morning at the County Courthouse/City Hall at 15 West Kellogg Boulevard with Judge Ostby. I can't remember at the moment which room it's at but you should be able to ask for directions to Judge Ostby's courtroom, if anyone is so interested in getting over early to see what happens.

There will be a number of witnesses testifying, including Laurie Hamre and various students. I may also testify.

As you might imagine, it is a tense situation for me, which brings forth all kinds of questions about Truth vs. Expediency, and all the rest.

Wish me luck. It's time to Double Down. :-/

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