Southern Cone update: they got his wallet

Nick in Southern Cone 2006. He is in studying abroad in a ritzy part of Old Palermo. Today: "no more excuses:"

so it went down like this: [......] a hopping place, but not really on a monday night. my other buddy lucho never shows up, so i am basically chilling by myself, and i start to get eyed by some argentines, who i now know are fucking busted ass broke no class dirty fucking shithead BITCHES.

I start shooting the shit with them a little bit, not very drunk at all, and they walked with me for the 4-5 blocks to my house. i was stupid enough to take my wallet out to buy a beer, and the only bill i had was 100 pesos. for some reason i put 20 of that in my pocket, after paying 8 for a huge budweiser i fucking shared with these kids. the kid who never said one word but had a chicago bulls hat on grabbed my wallet, i fucking cracked him in the face as hard as i could, just another kid tripped me and another pushed me down from behind. i was wearing sandals so they were fucking gone, plus they were fucking fast. luckily, when i cracked the motherfucker, he was only able to grab the cash out of my wallet and a whole bunch of my ID cards fell out, which was lucky as hell....

.......this country is fucking bogus, yáll. palermo is the third richest neighborhood in the city, behind recoleta and belgrano, and i couldnt even walk alone without getting jacked by a gang of 14-17 year old homeless kids. god bless the u.s. of a. for the first time i felt like going home, but there is no way i am sacrificing a semester´s worth of credits. now i know i cant fucking walk around buenos aires alone at night.

He will soldier on, and solve some local economic contradictions when he can.

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