Lighter than Air

I don't much feel like writing. Over at Politics in Minnesota they assigned me the job of handling the Morning Report, which is a roundup of political news around the state. I am thinking about going down to the Minneapolis DFL Caucuses tonight, although it's quite a random experience. It is one of those things that still makes Minnesota an outlier...

Conveniently, the caucus is across the street from me at the MCTC gourmet dining room. You've still got 30 minutes to find ya DFL spots here.

Kirby Puckett was on some other level. In my younger days, well, you could count on A) Paul Wellstone and B) Kirby Puckett. To go and hang out in the outfield seats, eat a hot dog, Kirby right out there to take care of things. Somehow he was able to fool gravity, no one could understand why but it always was for the right reasons.

Where the hell did this brand of celebrity go? An athlete with more than the typical pastiche of Bling and Assholery. Who made winning the World Series look easy. Who proved that you don't have to be a whippet to run faster than hell.

Something magic was happening. The identity was less cluttered, the virtue of the game was actually there to see. Nothing like that happens anymore. That's why sports are boring today.

Kirby Puckett

Great times. Something to actually believe in. Good days, now gone all over again.

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