When Legos get militant

This is apparently the 701st entry on HongPong.com. I'll be damned.

First the Boondocks. The Creative Mafia Syndicate will prolly get me for this, so enjoy it now. Boondocks is now running their very first comics so if you want to see where it started, check that out.


What happens when you combine Legos and Counterstrike? At Techeblog, Genius.

lego militants Files Whisky Bottle Pc

This site is full of modern marvels, including the Whiskey Bottle PC, a pen-sized scanner, and a sweet Top 20 collection of gadgets including a clock propelled by a mouse, an RSS feeder that prints onto toilet paper, pseudo-skin gear and cardboard speakers. (via the time-wasting genius of GM)

 Files Rss Reader Files Cardboard Speakers Files Skin Bag

I've got a strange day ahead of me and I don't know where I'll be at. But this should provide some amusement. And check out the new links under "allied operations & sites of interest", I guarantee you'll find something interesting.

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