State Dept, military industrials, CBS, NBC, Homeland Security all agree: our story about Zarqawi was interesting

"While I don't doubt any word of Hong Pong's diary, I have to Hong Pong actually just playing the part of a nice Minnesota conspiracy buff with a web log...but he is actually holed up deep inside a secret bunker in rural Virginia, with dark sunglasses and a black jumpsuit on, sucking us deep inside a complex web of psyop war games designed to further alienate the most politically informed American progressives from the public at large. Behind him, Dick Cheney stands, rubbing his hands together, cackling gleefully..."

--DailyKos member themank - eerie, isn't it

My computer is acting a little dodgy so I'm a bit concerned right now. Hopefully one of the interested parties that's been around Hongpong this week didn't hack my shit.

I crossposted Monday's Zarqawi PSY OPS story to the DailyKos and The Agonist, where it got read by thousands of people! (and featured on the Agonist's front page!) Within a few hours, as I slept Monday morning, my DailyKos entry had been voted up by dozens of people as a "recommended diary," which caused it to be listed in a privileged spot on the front page. Also a top DailyKos contributing writer, SusanG, included a plug for my story in her main frontpage story at 12:15 PM. Which was sweet:

If you think "leveraging xenophobia," as the Washington Post article examined by Hong Pong claims the military is doing in Iraq, is confined to our Middle East policy, think again.

The story sparked a lively discussion in which all could take a certain freaky pride in the fact that in this case, Paranoia is Right. All could agree that this Psychological Warfare planning against the American public is some fucked-up shit, and since my sources were Sy Hersh and the Washington Post, it was pretty hard to refute what I was saying. It got more than 160 comments. A huge counterintelligence success!

I wrote a poll for "Favorite Pentagon PSY OP of the war", which 887 people voted in. Results:

daily kos psy ops poll

"It's like every day is an October Surprise!" polls really well. Though my veiled suggestion that the Nick Berg decapitation video was faked also did surprisingly well. (I don't really believe it was faked, but its worth considering how it could fit into a PSYOPS "marketing strategy"). And of course Jessica Lynch's fabricated Pentagon tale is still a classic favorite.

So within the 24 hours of Monday, a deluge of hits came mostly from the DailyKos. Damn, it sure caught the interest of some Big Wheels. And lots of government agencies. So these were some of more interesting visitors: either some random worker was surfing around, or else the word got passed and the story was Monitored by Gray Actors. Or a good bit of both.

Readers In 24 Hours: Most of the cabinet? Including the federal courts, NASA, the FAA, the FCC, the Postal Service, NOAA, NIH, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Health and Human Services, the State Department, Treasury, Homeland Security, many Army, Navy and Air Force computers,, And "".

Many esteemed members of the military industrial complex, such as Boeing (several different hits), Halliburton, ChevronTexaco, the Citadel Group, SAIC, Northrop Grumman, the Shaw Group (of Katrina contract-hustling), Raytheon, Citgo (Chavez!) and even the Rendon Group. Now they are some shady cats.

Some in the media liked it too: E Entertainment, Disney, CBS, ESPN, NBC, NY Times, Scripps, Al Hurra (the American-funded mid-eastern TV network: [are they also tied to Zarqawi ops?]),, Reader's Digest, Sony Pictures, RandomHouse, the Prague Post, McGraw-Hill,, PR Newswire, Union Tribune, HarperCollins...

Why not? WalMart, Napster, Intel, Microsoft, PlayBoy, Adobe, Apple, Ford, Kodak, Philips, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America,, Blockbuster, and a ton of random law firms.

Traffic Tuesday was back down to normal levels. Oh yah, check out Rolling Stone's National Affairs Daily page, in which Tim Dickinson uses the same opening quote for a fine piece along my lines -- Hyping Zarqawi, and also The "Selective Leak", about how Dexter Filkins at the New York Times was made into a cut-out for Pentagon disinformation about Zarqawi.

So the story has not been missed by the mainstream, I think it's safe to say (see above). I wonder if this counts as a dangerous counterintelligence effort?

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