Hailing a major breakthrough in Hongpong.com Drupal development

Now that's what I call freedom!

tony snow plane

Tony Snow and Dan Bartlett don their Darth Vader helmets on the Bush plane to Mess'o'potamia

It is late but I am just posting to note that the major barrier in moving the site over to the Drupal - a problem so onerous that has delayed me for weeks while I hunt for a real full-time job and chill at political conventions - has abruptly been solved this late Thursday evening. All true computing breakthroughs occur after 3 AM, it is well known.

I started from scratch on a new Drupal installation now at Drupal2.hongpong.com, and basically I discovered that I did entirely foolish things when trying to install the AcidFree gallery/media juggling system. There was no flaw on the developer's work at all, just my own dumb ass.

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Behold a working gallery page as the cops march towards protesters in New York City at the RNC - 2004. Register for the site if you like (registered users from the old installation will be brought over in a bit).

In other positive news, I found a benefactor on the Internet to refer me into the BlogAds system so there will hopefully be enough revenue to cover the web hosting fees.


Get used to seeing this little Drupal face. It's happening!

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