Good gig: Drupal now has the galleries in it Real Well

Heh, as it happened, the time where I set up the 'Drupal2' server and they migrated my site to the new server overlapped, such that the Drupal2 database was eaten by a grue and will never be heard from again. No matter, for I have gotten the main Drupal test server, located at

to have the proper photo gallery features. There has been a bit of a learning curve to PowWeb's new administrative interface, but it is certainly an improvement, and the handy CGI error screen has been most helpful here.

Aside from gaining a full-time job, the big goal this coming week is to get this Drupal thing rolling the whole way. I have talked with some of my musical minions and they may throw some tracks up, which will be nice.

The photo gallery system has a Flickr-style tagging feature, which easily integrates with the rest of the site. This whole system of categories/topics/keywords is called taxonomies in Drupal, and among other things, it will be very easy to add more of them, arrange them in basic heirarchies, provide "what's related" and other such features.

Also there is going to be a randomly loading banner image that will be nice and different every time.

Create an account on the new system if you like. It will be sweet!

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