Photos of flooding incident

Here are some exciting pictures of the situation at 1511 Grand Ave. early this morning. I am releasing these to the local media for use, but I would really like to be credited as "Dan Feidt /". I am a resident of #15 at 1511 Grand. After WCCO interviewed me in the morning, Channel 5 and Channel 9 came through around lunchtime! Those camera guys in the last photo were from 5 and 9. The woman in the reflective red vest was from the red Cross, offering us shelter.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

IMG_3973.JPGImg 3970Img 3974Img 3976Img 3955Img 3963

Img 3957Img 3958Img 4006Img 3989Img 3991Img 3999Img 3998Img 4003

Abby's room got the worst of it. Mattress and many furnishings soaked.


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