Testing the Img_assist button in the text editor

Here is a testing of the img_assist  button. Basically this is a little button on the new content editor that looks like a camera, and  inserts images that have already been uploaded as nodes (the regular way).  It has a sort of wizard that lets you pick out which image to add, and you can do  a size up to 640x640, or the regular thumbnail size. It renders as a yellow box in the text editor, but if you want to see the underlying code to add an image, you can hit "disable rich-text".  The code inside this node is not HTML style, instead, the instructions to the image (align right, left center, width, etc) are wiki-style square bracketed statements.  So maybe this will work.

[img_assist|nid=733|title=Hookergate: Duke Cunningham Porter Goss CIA mega-scandal|desc=What more do ya need|link=node|align=left|width=576|height=640]

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