What more can I say?

All right, good times. For some reason I am constantly getting emails from one Karen Blue, who is venting her frustration at George Soros and his cocaine Democrat conspiracy all the time. This was fresh in two hours ago. Now featuring NAMBLA. I added some line breaks.

From: kleeprism@yahoo.com - Karen Blue

Subject: Gloating Democrats

Date: November 8, 2006 10:31:20 PM CST

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Dear Editors at Large etc.,

When the Democrats get done gloating over their victories, I DOUBLE DARRRRE them to check out www.metroministries.org and see WHERE the Democrat leadership has LEAD people up to this day. NY Times head honcho, George Schwartz/Soros, supported the campaigns of HIllary and other Dems with his cocaine smuggling from his coca plantations south of the border, where he is the Big Brother of fellow Global Communists Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and other members of the Andean Coca Community. Hillary and other Dems' political lifeblood is Soro's criminal cocaine money, while Bill Wilson of Metro MInistries is picking up the pieces, with the largest Christian Sunday school in the world, of over 25,000 kids in NYC. He is one of those Christians whom liberals can't stand, unless like DEmocrat Harold Ford, they're trying to con Christian voters, along with Soros propaganda, in his leftist Communist NY Times and MOveON.org etc..

Bill Wilson tells of one little boy whose funeral he went to in Brooklyn where he saw he was the only one at the funeral, which he said is strange even for NYC, and then when he saw the little boy looked terrible and he asked the funeral director if he couldn't have made the little boy look better, the director said the little boys mother was on crack cocaine ( from Soro's cocaine fields, smuggled in for the queen of slime, i.e. HIllary's campaign coffers) and she hit her little boy in the head with a ballbat and he died and she passed out in a crackhead stupor and left him on the kitchen floor dead all night and the cats ate a lot of him. This is where Democrat leaders have lead us, Ms. kiss my grits, PIlosi, and I spit on your corrupt debauched party.

Democrat leaders like Bill Clinton and his A.C.L.U. buddies, and NAMBLA supporters sandblasting the ten commandments off every historical building, taking the nativity scene and crosses out of our lives and promoting promiscuity with their HOllywood leftists, have lead this nation to the point where Christian Bill Wilson is going to funerals for little babies born with AIDS, who are left by nurses to die without food or nourishment as they're just going to die anyway. I am SICKKKKKKK of the Democratic party leadership and their lying CrAPPPPPP and they will NEVVVVVer be my leaders as they are putting children into HELL on EARTH, with their corruption and cocaine smuggling, while DEms like Teresa Heinz say she should control the Welfare pie because she's the smartest and the wealthiest woman in the nation. Now Bill Wilson is trying to get one Christmas present apiece for 60,000 children before Christmas because their parents are strung out on Soro's cocaine, too stoned to raise their kids. The Democrat leadership REEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKS.

HOlding my nose, KLF

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