Half a terabyte, Western Digital Serial ATA hard drive is CRAP and some political machinations

Hope everyone is doing all right in the warm haze of a post-election superfly megaspectacular Democracy Victory that Solves Everything. I have had a pretty odd week but yesterday all the angles started to really converge for me. As I explained before, I am not focusing a lot on writing on this site until my job situation is stabilized and some way to pay December's rent comes together.

So I spent quite a few days, including a good chunk of the weekend, trying to get a new Western Digital Serial-ATA hard drive in the G5 up and humming, after having transferred much of my stuff to an ATA drive I borrowed from someone. As I was copying files, the computer would totally lock up with "IOATA Controller device blocking the bus" errors, about every 10 GB or so. I thought it was the ATA drive, but it turned out to be the 400 GB Serial ATA drive that I bought from Microcenter in St. Louis Park. So yesterday I went to return the drive, and the guy explained it was probably a bad motor that made the drive get lost and bomb out.

I explained my travails to the guy in the hard drive section and he said that a 500 GB Maxtor SATA drive priced at $279.99 was actually only $180, a mere $10 more than the bum 400 GB drive. So I swooped on that and got another 100,000,000,000 bytes for $10. Not bad! Although I crashed the G5 about 15 times trying to move stuff around using the bum drive, the new one is working OK so far and has a peak transfer rate of 3GB/second. w0w!

So besides all that, yesterday I modified a web services contract from the Internet and got it signed with a small business owner out in St. Louis Park, so it was a sweet two-fer to the West metro. Basically I am doing a photography website over the next couple weeks, and also fixing another website for a woman who is a chef/food writer. With a bit of luck this will allow me to cover December's rent.

Also after a week of phone messages I finally got ahold of my illustrious Republican boss at Politics in Minnesota and she confirmed a meeting next week to plan the next edition of the Directory, which I will be working on pretty soon, but I don't know when that starts.

She informed me that a ruling from the state political Ethics Board permits state employees of the DFL-controlled Legislature entities to simultaneously work at PIM. So there may be an angle for me to get a job at the Capitol as well via some guys I know in the bureaucracy.

So then we have a pretty good status worked out at the moment:

Two internal hard drives - 234 GB + 480 GB = Teh Solid! Also added 1 GB of RAM = 2560 MB total!

Job1: Web design @ Zen Communications = Two jobs

Job2: Something ill-defined @ Politics in Minnesota = interview Minnesota state legislators in a few weeks

Apartment: Heat is covered by the rent

Prospects: More web design work & DFL staff @ the Capitol

Total: Not bad!

So the next couple weeks will tell the tale. If I can avoid doing office work in a cube (except a Capitol cube) it would be pretty sweet. There are a ton of small businesses that need web design work, but the difficult trick is finding those businesses and earning trust. The trust seems to come from referrals among friends and business acquaintances, and other angles like computer repair, tech classes and generally finding buzz. This seems to be the magic skeleton key to a 'consultant business layer' around the Twin Cities, which is better than most metro areas for this kind of stuff.

I got a lot of pictures on election night and I am going to post some of them when I have a little more time. Some pretty good stuff.

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