Campaign 2006: More ads than news

NY Times blog on campaigns:

A new study shows that Midwestern television viewers saw two and a half times more political ads about campaigns than received news information about them during their local news broadcasts.

Out this week from the Midwest News Index at the University of Wisconsin’s MediaLab, the research also offered a breakdown of what news coverage covered: campaign strategy (including reporting on ads) and polling far outweighed policy issues. No surprise there. This segment of research focused on the last month of the campaign season.

Political coverage was studied in Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Cleveland, Columbus, Madison and Milwaukee, on the affiliates of ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. The research found that an average of nearly 9 ads were broadcast, taking up almost 5 minutes or half, of all the commercials in a 30-minute local newscast. A little more than 40 percent of election coverage was concentrated in the final week before Election Day.

Fux0red. The Best democracy money can Buy.

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