The latest rant submitted by Karen Blue

I don't know who Karen Blue is, but she keeps emailing with rants about twice a week. When I am feeling lazy, I can just post furiously misdirected anger. It's like syndicating Fox News. Note to Karen: it was Bush that handed over Iraq to fundamentalists. And it's the Republican establishment that cooperates with cocaine growers. I have to admit, I didn't realize the Chinese and Baathists are going to neutron bomb the U.S. Live and learn, eh? (line breaks inserted)

Dear Editors at Large etc.,

I hope that as these winter storms sweep through the U.S., and the need for heating oil and fuel skyrockets, that the liberal Democrats in Congress, i.e. TEd Kennedy, Mrs. Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Joe Biden, Tom Harkin, Barbara Boxer , Nancy Pilosi etc. etc. will be spotlighted for the fact that they are handing Iraq over to massmurdering Communists and massmurdering terrorists, on a silver platter, at a time when oil production in Iraq is greater than pre-war levels, and at a time when it is beginning to produce oil for the benefit of the 71% of the people in Iraq who voted for freedom, and their countries needs, instead of for buying mass murdering Saddam's 68 palaces, expansionist military, which was on the march south into Kuwait and SAudi ARabia, and for his chemical warfare plants and nuclear program, deftly hidden by Democrat, ex-Iraqi ambassador, JOseph wilson and the New York Times, run by the lying, cocaine smuggler George Soros.

I hope as these winter storms sweep the nation, that people will brace themselves for higher fuel costs next winter thanks to TEd Kennedy and other Democrats who own stock in oil companies, but who voted repeatedly against domestic oil exploration, and tax and regulate U.S. oil companies and refineries into rust, and who are now shafting our oil producing ally, Iraq, when it is trying to become a stable oil producing nation, with an economy which will benefit its people. These Congresspeople, along with Bill Clinton and Al Gore, who went traitorously to Dubai, have encouraged the terrorists, while stabbing our troops in the back, to the point that the terrorists have said that they would increase their murderous attacks on the duly elected Iraqi Government, if Democrats got a majority in Congress, as even foreign Islamic Global terrorists know a yellowbelly Democrat when they see one.

TEd Kennedy, of Chappaquidick fame, who left young Mary Jo Kopeckne dead for hours in his car, who is the leader of the Democrat majority of Congressional cowards, also voted against wind farms, while undoubtedly having a stash of his daddy's illigal bootlegger Scotch revenue to tide him over any winter storm, while the poor bear the brunt of higher fuel prices and higher rents which also go up due to the Democrats and their confiscatory property taxes, which slumlords like Al Gore's daddy, never pay themselves, but pass on to the poor.

I hope all the people who voted for the lying two-faced farcical conservative Democrats like Harold Ford, don't forget who to thank when Iraq's oil is handed over to the circling vultures, Russia, China, Chavez and other Communists and cocaine growers, who will come in for the kill, to destroy our freedom via an energy stranglehold, who are even now arming Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and Al-Qaida who are planning more terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

I think the bomb of choice in the future though will be the neutron bomb, which only China has tested, which will leave all the buildings in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Sioux City, Houston, Boston, Detroit, etc. intact, and just kill all the people, so all they will have to do is burn millions of bodies, not rebuild infrastructure, which mass murdering Communists and massmurdering Sunni BAathists hiding out in Syria with thousands of tons of SArin gas, don't mind doing.

It beats work, and dictators and those who prop them up like JOhn Kerry, TEd Kennedy and Bill Clinton, hate real work. I feel badly for those Conservatives who were ignored, who talked until they were blue in the face to let people know that these devastating storms were coming and to prepare and not sell this nation out to the treasonous Democrats who are under the thumb of Communist cocaine smuggler, George Soros with his lying, decieving New York Times.

I feel badly for those who have to look at the news since the election and see a bunch of traitorous Democrats in Congress leading this nation to slaughter in more ways than one. I hope somehow he can rally people before it's too late, so we can ride out these insidious storms which are blasting our nation and our freedom to Kingdom Come.

His truly, KLF

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