HongPong.com gets Google Analytics, revealing a visitor from the heart of Iran's nuclear program, Esfahan

On Sunday I installed a little gizmo called Google Analytics onto the site, which basically is a javascript in the footer that fires every time the page loads. The Analytics website has a lot of nice features, including showing the proportion of new to returning visitors, and a nifty geographic map.

Within 48 hours, though I had a very modest number of hits, one of these was marked on the geo map as originating in Esfahan, Iran, the ultimate neo-con boogeyman coordinates. Also a hit from Riyadh and Delhi, a couple now from Australia, France, Spain, Germany and so forth.

The Google Analytics bug is not installed in all of the old MovableType archives (located at /hp-archives), because due to Powweb dodginess, I was unable to rebuild the whole site in one fell swoop. Bummer man.

But also the stats indicate that really this site is a very very small fish. Very small. We do benefit from a number of inbound links in improbable places around the internet, but it's clear this ain't no big rolling bling bling kinda spot.

A dear friend the other day said that she was not a big fan of Drupal. Very fair. Compared with my starry-eyed visions earlier in the summer, Drupal is not as ass-kicking as I had hoped. Or rather, I haven't customized it out to be totally ass-kicking.

So far, Drupal is limited in embedding images in posts, which creates a kind of text blizzard that isn't really very fun at all. They are working on this problem, but... I felt that we were on a bit of a roll with good imagery before I switched into Drupal, and I would really like to get back to that. Fortunately, Google Videos and YouTube embeds are now back in action, as you can see.

To be honest, I don't really want to work on the site that much because it runs really slowly. It can take 15 seconds for the front page to load when I am logged in, which is fucking preposterous. When flicking the settings around, it is like trying to program molasses.

There is one reason it runs too slowly: PowWeb has crammed every single website database of the whole company into 15 MySql servers, creating total congestion and crashing the performance level. This is fucking preposterous and I am leaving them in March when the 1-year interval is over. When I complain they deny everything.

Fortunately there is a prospective solution on the near horizon: I have a friend with a web hosting account that has decent MySQL performance and I will dump the database into there, then have the PowWeb server tunnel out to that one. The performance could not possibly be worse.

I updated some Drupal modules yesterday and this has resolved some lingering problems, and I will see if we can get image embeds working. After that, customizing the sidebars – probably just cloning the old ones – would be another overdue little task.

I'm going to toss an image in here. Esfahan satellite image. Let's see if it works?

 Nuke Guide Iran Facility Browse19211Crss Sat00

UPDATE: YAY images are in fact working again through Ecto. Totally fucking awesome. All right now we are back on the image/video gravy train. Internet media rich web3.0 buzzword total hotness. Pardon me while I shift your paradigm!

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