OAXACA: Major unrest and federal troopers: 'Brutal represión en Oaxaca'

 Gfx Appo BannerI'm not going to go for the latest today, just a couple notes. Keep an eye on Indymedia Chiapas and NarcoNews for real information on a serious uprising in South Mexico, a sort of spillover of the Chiapas movement and other Latin American leftist trends. Very interesting. I know some people that are checking out the situation in person.

Local The Pulse on it.

Narco News: The Other Journalism With The Other Campaign: Oaxaca full coverage. Acclaimed Muralist Among Oaxaca's Disappeared into federal prisons. Wanted Mexican Leftist Says Oaxaca Rebellion Will Spread. Many are arrested for political activism across Mexico. Subcomandante Marcos finds widespread repression. Indymedia Mexico : ImcMexico. Also a bit on Antiwar.

Narco News: The Other Campaign in the North of Mexico: Saying “Oaxaca” from Above and Below by "Enlace Zapatista":

I. The Other Campaign in the North of Mexico: saying “Oaxaca” from above and below

Hundreds of people detained illegally, dozens of people disappeared, tortures, searches, and beatings. Young men and women, indigenous people, children, elders. In other words: the people of Oaxaca who come from below. Above, there are the Federal Preventive Police, Ulises Ruiz’s paramilitaries, the mass media, the political class.

To be quiet in the face of this is to say “Oaxaca” from above, and to make top-down assessments that are cheerful…and idiotic.

Because up above they are prepared to declare that everything has returned to normal and that the “conflict” is controlled because “the leaders” have been detained, as if this movement had “leaders” to be bought, imprisoned or killed. They say that now we must look the other way. That is to say, we must turn a steady gaze to those above, to the paraphernalia of political power, to its simulations and its fronts, which command and give orders while the true Power doles out the day’s orders to its media, pundits, announcers, artists, intellectuals, police chiefs, military units and paramilitary.

To say “Oaxaca” from below is to say compañero and compañera, to draw near to those who are persecuted, to mobilize our own forces to demand the return of the disappeared and the release of detainees, to inform, to call for international solidarity and support, to not be quiet, to speak of this southern pain and to announce that it extends through the entire country and beyond its borders on all four sides, as though it were down below where pains walks, is named, spoken of and listened to.

See also this IMC-Chiapas video. Barricades, street confrontations teargas, etc. More material: Indymedia Mexico : Brutal represión en Oaxaca.

NarcoNews: The Coup d’Etat in Mexico

As a New Regime Prepares to Seize Control December 1, Promising a New Wave of Repression, the Antidote Is Being Born from Below

By Al Giordano Special to The Narco News Bulletin November 29, 2006

Of the 159 Mexican citizens rounded up last weekend in the southern state of Oaxaca, accused of various charges related to anti-government protests, 141 have been moved, by helicopter, a twenty-hour drive from their families and homes, to the penitentiary in San José del Rincón, Nayarit. Although this first wave of detentions was random – anyone unlucky enough to be on public streets and sidewalks where the riot cops stormed – the government classified these prisoners as “dangerous,” justifying their transfer to a prison far away. Not one of those arrested last weekend has seen nor spoken with a lawyer, a human rights worker, a family member or an independent doctor. When, on Monday, reporters and Nayarit state legislators drove toward the prison to investigate, agents of the Federal Preventive Police (PFP, in its Spanish initials) intercepted them, threatened them with arrest, and stole the film from the camera of a photojournalist that had documented their presence.

In Oaxaca, federal police, coordinating their operation with the paramilitary squads and pirate radio station of disgraced governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, continue to conduct house-to-house raids searching for the alleged “leaders” of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO, in its Spanish initials). Attorneys, doctors, clergy, journalists, family and human rights officials have likewise been blocked from speaking with the imprisoned or observing their condition in the wake of what eyewitnesses tell Narco News were the violent beatings police inflicted on many during their arrest.

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