Back on point @ the Capitol

I am back doing work @ Politics In Minnesota, getting ready to roll into the Capitol in the next few weeks and work on the Directory. It is pretty interesting stuff all around. Also going to take some pictures – it is really a mess throughout the hallways right now.

Also my buddy Nick is out in China and I am going to whip up a blog setup for him, I really just need to snag a couple hours to do it, and it's off to the races.

Next few weeks are going to be stressful but at least it's $$. Updates on the site are probably going to be pretty spare. As I've said before, the site is very pokey on this web hosting company so I'm waiting for a bit to gear things up - a few months from now it's gonna be Big Pimpin...

Happy new year to all, I expect it will be an interesting one!

(most boring post ever, thank you!!)

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