Got Drupal 5 up, no hassle!!

Hey good news all around. I just installed Drupal 5, so the system is a hell of a lot faster than it used to be. This is great!!

You might even notice the new News Aggregator feature, which I had to turn off before, but now seems to work all right. Try the Aggregator/Category page for a better view of it. Basically a stream of other sites via RSS type tech. This page should change every half hour automatically, and the sidebars below will change automatically too.

If you are logged in, you'll see blue 'B' buttons, and you can hit that to make a blog post based on the wire item.

On the backend this version of Drupal works a hell of a lot better. I am pretty happy about it.

Also it has animated AJAX controls, so if you're in Firefox, menus and things often pop open without reloading. Nice....

Please leave a comment about what you think. It will be refined as we go on....

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