Militarized motor vehicles

Something is going on. Militarized mobilized staff in government offices. Why?

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Vernonlee On the dailykos:Daily Kos: The US Government is My Supervisor

Today I had to run an errand to one of the pavilions of banal bureaucracies in LA: the office of the Parking Violations bureau. I came armed with iPod, book, and smartphone, took my ticket, and prepared to wait the customary sojourn in the crowded linoleum lobby.

Then I noticed something strange.

The security guard was outfitted in desert Army uniform head-to-toe. Beret, jacket, pants, tool belt, tan suede boots... and sidearm attached via Velcro to his thigh. He had a big patch saying "Security" on his back, but other than that, you’d think you were in Fallujah.


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