New 1995 Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy video from BBC! GOP's Rohrabacher rebukes FBI for coverup??

CNN Miles O'Brien: "Doesn't this just add more fuel to those conspiracy theories?"

GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: "Well there's nothing wrong to adding to a conspiracy theory when there might be a conspiracy, in fact."

(Dec. 2006)


I watched a chunk of the Conspiracy Files video about the 1995 Oklahoma City federal building bombing posted on YouTube today:

Here is a summary from those PrisonPlanet conspiranoids:

Former FBI Terrorist Task Force director Danny Coulson has called for a new grand jury investigation into the Oklahoma City bombing and for the first time names Andreas Strassmeir as an "agent," in a documentary set to air Sunday, according to lawyer Jesse Trentadue.

Trentadue, attorney for bombing conspirator Terry Nichols, last week obtained an astounding declaration from Nichols in which he fingered FBI agent Larry Potts as having directed McVeigh in carrying out the attack.

In addition, Nichols' description of the bomb he helped McVeigh build does not match with official accounts of the device used in the attack, lending further credence to evidence that strongly suggests only bombs planted within the Alfred P. Murrah building, which were initially reported by TV news stations, could have caused the damage inflicted.

Trentadue was interviewed for a BBC documentary on the Oklahoma City bombing which will air this Sunday in the UK. The program has a different producer to the 9/11 hit piece show which was part of the same series and is expected to present hard hitting evidence of a cover-up.

More from the BBC on the accusations. More or less, here is the scenario: McVeigh and Nichols were in a government-infiltrated anti-government rightwing militant movement. Some FBI informants actually gave McVeigh and Nichols help with the explosives and changed their targeting. After the bombing, the informants' existence was covered up by the FBI.

Of course I am not claiming this is true. But that is the general shape of accusations.

 Images ChairmanInterestingly, GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (CA) recently issued a major report suggesting some of the Elohim City militant lunatics may have been foreign intelligence agents. Chairman's Report: The Oklahoma City Bombing: Was There A Foreign Connection? (go there for PDF)

Also in december on CNN: Is GOP Rep. 'fueling' Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy theories?

Published: Thursday December 28, 2006

Earlier today, during an interview on CNN, the Republican chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee -- which just released a report rebuking the FBI on its investigation of the 1999 Oklahoma City bombing -- was asked if he was helping to "fuel conspiracy theories."

American Morning's Miles O'Brien told outgoing Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, (R-CA) that he had "raised a lot of questions that are just kind of 'out there' in the conspiracy theorist world." O'Brien mentioned different theories relating to Middle East terrorists, Iraqi officials, neo-Nazi bankrobbers, and the alleged John Doe #2.

"Doesn't this just add more fuel to those conspiracy theories?" O'Brien wondered.

"Well there's nothing wrong to adding to a conspiracy theory when there might be a conspiracy, in fact," Rohrabacher responded.

The California congressman spoke further about John Doe #2, citing numerous reported sightings by "credible witnesses" interviewed by the House International Relations Investigative Subcommittee, and slammed the FBI for calling a "premature end" to their investigation.

"We did our best with limited resources, and I think we moved the understanding of this issue forward a couple of notches even though important questions remain unanswered," Rohrabacher told the Associated Press after the two-year report's release.

This is some decidedly old-school kinda X-Files-era conspiracy material. Reminds me of the part in the X-Files movie where the federal building gets blown up to destroy the alien DNA lab evidence. (fun clips at the link)

 Images Hollywood X Files Movie Building Okc

Mulder & Scully look on in the X-Files movie (1998)

Something was always a little weird about OKC.....

 Rancho Politics Ok Truck Truck2

...then there was that Ryder truck on some bizarre covert Oklahoma Army base in April 1995. Coincidence? LOL etc.... Oh internets, is there any crazy photo I can't find?

Conspiracy site whatreallyhappened sez:

The pilot who took the photos wishes (for the obvious reasons) to remain anonymous, but these photos are purported to be of an area near Camp Gruber-Braggs, Oklahoma in early April of 1995. Needless to say, just days after this photo was taken, the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was destroyed (along with internal cutter charges) by a Ryder truck full of explosives.

I am not claiming anything here - just offering a BBC video, an aerial photo and Rep. Rohrabacher's report. For conspiracy hounds tired of 9/11, this one offers an interesting puzzle, don't it?

Mapped here to its location (and on TerraServer):

 Rancho Politics Ok Truck Terra Map

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