Late Breaking: Upcoming Texas Youth Commission Rove-sparked pedophilia scandal promises to kill off Gonzales??!!

"The U.S. attorney's office in Texas actually prepared indictments in this case," Angle told WND. "But when the word came from Washington, that's when [Asst. U.S. Attorney] Baumann wrote his letter declining prosecution. Sutton's office dropped the matter on the desk of the local district attorney, but nobody from [U.S. Attorney] Sutton's office said 'if you can’t go on this case, we'll help you out.'"

Embattled AG now accused in teen sex scandal 'cover-up': Attorney General Gonzales among officials who allegedly ignored abuse of minor boys

March 25, 2007 By Jerome R. Corsi [ A decidedly rightwing site!]

"Although it is apparent that many students were retained at West Texas State School long after their initial release date, it would be difficult to prove that either Mr. Brookins or Mr. Hernandez prevented their release."

--Assistant U.S. Attorney General Baumann Declines to Prosecute the Case. Another fine moment for DOJ.

Texas youth corrections board steps down, HOUSTON, March 17 (UPI) --

The six-member governing board of the Texas Youth Commission has resigned in unison amid reports of coverup of sexual abuse in state detention centers.

Texas lawmakers learned that a convicted sex offender was working as a guard at one of the juvenile centers and that an official, who has since resigned, was under suspicion of molesting youthful inmates and was living with a 16-year-old boy, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Dallas Morning News, along with the Texas Observer Web site, reported last month that an investigation by the Texas Rangers found that "top officials at a juvenile center had molested youths in their custody." The parties under a cloud of suspicion were allowed to resign and have not been charged with any crimes.

The Texas Youth Commission houses around 2,700 violent or chronically delinquent inmates whose ages range from 10 to 20 years. Riots are de rigueur in the system and the staff turns over one-out-of-two employees every year, the LA Times said.

Lawmakers are finding a hornet's nest of allegations of sexual abuse and violence after years of complaints by parents.

ttexas youth commissionOnce in a while you hear the kind of story that basically sounds like a parody. Then again, Abu Ghraib appeared to be some sort of hellish satire, and perhaps Texas youth detention facilities are no different.

Police sent to 22 Texas youth prisons By JIM VERTUNO, Associated Press Writer MARCH 6

Police were sent to 22 Texas Youth Commission facilities and the agency headquarters Tuesday to investigate claims that young inmates were sexually abused and that agency officials covered it up. Jay Kimbrough, appointed by the governor to look into the allegations at a West Texas youth prison, said the officers would conduct interviews at the prisons and halfway houses, secure equipment and collect documents if necessary.

He also issued a warning to agency employees. "If you are part of this gig, you need to move on or we're going to find you and prosecute you," Kimbrough said. The Texas Youth Commission houses offenders ages 10 to 21 who are considered the most dangerous, incorrigible or chronic. Its new board of directors chairman pledged Tuesday that the agency would cooperate with the investigations. "I'd like to assure everyone that the board is very, very interested in a new direction of the Texas Youth Commission," Don Bethel said. "We are going to cooperate with everyone."

Late last month, state lawmakers questioned agency staff about an investigation in 2005 that had found evidence that high-ranking officials at the West Texas State School in Pyote had repeated sexual contact with some of the 250 boys and young men housed there. An internal investigation found prison staff members had complained about the abuse to their supervisors but that no one took action for more than a year.

The Texas Senate asked Republican Gov. Rick Perry last week to fire the board and take over the troubled agency. Perry instead demoted the board's chairman and appointed Kimbrough, his former deputy chief of staff, as a special master to conduct an independent investigation. He also ordered the agency's acting executive director to design and implement a rehabilitation plan. The recently appointed acting executive director, Ed Owens, said the agency will have a "zero tolerance policy of any type of mistreatment of youth."

If true, it's really a grim vision. So we should hope it ain't so. But if it's true, it's going to be a damn media frenzy. I have heard this from a left-wing blogger, the right-wing news, and an item each in UPI and AP over March. So that is the major compass points, and they seem to overlap a general scenario. Basically as it appears right now:

In a nutshell:

1. The Department of Justice under Gonzales declined prosecution of administrators in Texas Youth Commission-governed facilities with detained teenage boys.

2. Administrators (the head of security and principal of one facility, in this case) were basically forcing themselves on the teen inmates.

3. The entire governing board of the Texas Youth Commission resigned a couple weeks ago. And all the facilities got searched by the Texas Rangers earlier.

4. The stuff that DOJ's lawyer wrote to dismiss pressing the case was truly creepy and NAMBLA-worthy.

5. Gonzalez was Bush's personal fixer for various things as Governor.

6. Creepy stuff has been going at these places forever. More or less. When Bush was Gov. How could it not?

7. There have been other Bush-family episodes of exploited young boys showing up in weird places (the Franklin scandal and the 1980s era callboys touring the White House at midnight)

8. Finally. No one has yet explained how disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley interfered with federal investigations, when he was chair of committee focused on exploited children, where he would have been reading the FBI top-level material. etc. Possible: The Mark Foley episode last year did not expose a broader network of sexual exploitation that Foley was covering up. A network deep in the Government, Etc.

Alright let's get briefly into the media items.

Texas youth prison scandal worsens DALLAS, March 7 (UPI) --

More than 105 pages of documents alleging sexual abuse by Texas Youth Commission staff have been provided to The Dallas Morning News.

Investigators are canvassing the state to examine more than 750 allegations of sexual misconduct committed by corrections officers and other employees dating to January 2000.

The paper said on Tuesday no TYC employee has done time for sexual abuse "committed on the job." More charges are expected. Sexual abuse of an inmate by a TYC employee is a felony. The paper says it is rarely prosecuted.

Inmate Joseph Galloway described an incident at Giddings State School where a guard placed Galloway in a cell with a stronger inmate. Galloway submitted to sodomy, telling the paper, "I couldn't fight him anymore."

Complaints include one inmate who reportedly became pregnant after sex with a staff member and guards trading tobacco for sex. In February, the paper disclosed that agency officials ignored warnings about sexual abuse at Giddings. The legislature and Gov. Rick Perry have committed to a "management overhaul" of the commission.

The TYC houses in 13 facilities more than 4,000 male and female prisoners, ages 10 to 21, who are considered the state's most violent or incorrigible.

Ok So there's some fire. I'm gonna just post a couple more fragments of big stories you should look at if you are interested in this.

It's just so fucking bureaucratic. That's what's scary here.

I recently heard the term "desk murderer" in reference to evil bureaucrats. It's hard to believe Baumann doesn't meet that kind of cold standard. Back to Jerome Corsi's article in WorldNetDaily, our rightwing source:

In the Texas Youth Commission scandal, Texas Ranger official Burzynski received a July 28, 2005, letter from Bill Baumann, assistant U.S. attorney in Sutton's office, declining prosecution on the argument that under 18 U.S.C. Section 242, the government would have to demonstrate that the boys subjected to sexual abuse sustained "bodily injury." Baumann wrote that, "As you know, our interviews of the victims revealed that none sustained 'bodily injury.'"

Baumann's letter continued, adding a definition of the phrase "bodily injury," as follows: "Federal courts have interpreted this phrase to include physical pain. None of the victims have claimed to have felt physical pain during the course of the sexual assaults which they described."

Baumann's letter further suggested that insufficient evidence existed to prove the offenders in the Texas Youth Commission case had used force in their alleged acts of pedophilia: "A felony charge under 18 U.S.C. Section 242 can also be predicated on the commission of 'aggravated sexual abuse' or the attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse. The offense of aggravated sexual abuse is proven with evidence that the perpetrator knowingly caused his victim to engage in a sexual act (which can include contact between the mouth and penis) by using force against the victim or by threatening or placing the victim in fear that the victim (or any other person) will be subjected to death, serious bodily injury or kidnapping. I do not believe that sufficient evidence exists to support a charge that either Brookins or Hernandez used force to cause victims to engage in a sexual act."

Baumann's letter went so far as to suggest that the victims may have willingly participated in, or even enjoyed, the acts of pedophilia involved: "As you know, consent is frequently an issue in sexual assault cases. Although none of the victims admit that they consented to the sexual contact, none resisted or voiced any objection to the conduct. Several of the victims suggested that they were simply 'getting off' on the school administrator."

Baumann's letter also rejected Burzynski's charges that the administrators at the Texas Youth Commission facility in West Texas had used their position of authority to force the inmates to participate in the sexual acts or that the administrators had lengthened the sentences of the boys to retain willing participants or punish those reluctant to participate.

Baumann wrote: "In order for the government to be successful in a criminal prosecution, it would be essential for us to show that the victim was in fact victimized. Most of the victims were aware of the power that the school principal and assistant superintendent held over them, but none were able to describe retaliative acts committed by either the principal or assistant superintendent. Although it is apparent that many students were retained at West Texas State School long after their initial release date, it would be difficult to prove that either Mr. Brookins or Mr. Hernandez prevented their release."

Enough with this. We're cutting to our left wing Wayne Madsen and then letting this sick pile of shit get off my screen. Go to the site for more:

The clear indication is that Brookins and Hernandez kept the boys incarcerated in order to continue to sodomize them. Baumann, who appears to be borrowing heavily from the tracts of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), suggests that sex between the underage males and detention facility personnel is perfectly legitimate as long as the sex is consensual. There are also reports that detained youth in the Texas Youth system are transported from various facilities for purposes of prostitution.

After the allegations about abuse at the West Texas detention facility became public, Hernandez was forced to resign as principal at a Midland, Texas charter school. A Ward County grand jury is investigating the case.

There are now reports that pedophilia extends to other youth detention facilities in Texas. The Texas Sheltered Care Facility in Nixon, in south Texas, is being investigated for the abuse, including sexual molestation of detained Latin American immigrant youth housed at the center. The facility is operated by Away from Home, Inc. Some 72 children were relocated from the facility after the abuse charges were raised. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services investigated the Nixon facility and referred the case to US Attorney Johnny Sutton and the FBI. However, once again, Sutton decided "the alleged activity, which as the focus of the investigation, could likely be more effectively addressed by the state of Texas prosecutorial authorities." FBI agent Erik Vasys told the Houston Chronicle that the FBI was "disappointed" in the failure of the Justice Department to bring charges. Presidential adviser Karl Rove has been implicated by child welfare advocates in Texas in the failure of the Justice Department to prosecute the Texas child abuse and pedophilia cases. Indictments in the case prepared by the US Attorney for West Texas were reportedly spiked on the orders of the White House and Justice Department......

......The GOP Congress and the Justice Department, under orders from the White House, successfully covered up the Pagegate scandal. Similar acts of pedophilia involving sodomy and other sexually explicit conduct with underage males were carried out at the U.S. detention center in Abu Ghraib, Iraq. The Donald Rumsfeld Pentagon, with the support of the White House, covered up those incidents. Pedophilia and the Bush family spans two generations. George H. W. Bush covered up a major prostitution scandal involving underage males in the late 1980s. The scandal involved the use of child prostitutes and congressional pages, some of whom were given midnight tours of the Bush White House by the late GOP lobbyist Craig Spence. According to The Franklin Coverup: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska, by former Nebraska Republican State Senator John DeCamp, the 1980s scandal also involved Nebraska's Boys Town orphanage, child prostitutes from around the country, NAMBLA, top GOP officials in Nebraska, including Franklin Savings and Loan chief Lawrence ("Larry') King. The Franklin Scandal, as it is known, also implicated George H. W. Bush in at least one sexual encounter with a 19-year old African American male named Brent.

Pedophilia and the Bush family also extend to Florida. While Jeb Bush was governor, the Florida Department of Children and Families "lost" a number of computer files and falsified other files implicating state employees and foster parents in serious cases of child abuse. There were also cases of children in state care, including a five-year old Miami girl being "lost." Democratic state legislators in Florida laid direct blame for the incidents at the feet of Jeb Bush.

Note: There is no middle ground with pedophilia. Either government officials prosecute pedophile offenders or they do not. If they do not, it is clear that they are either pedophiles themselves or aid and abet in pedophile activities. In either case, it is a crime. Congress and the FBI should take a close look at Alberto Gonzales, Albert Moskowitz, Johnny Sutton, Bill Baumann, and Karl Rove.

Abu Ghraib and the detention centers of America are part of the same complex. What other conclusion is there?

Either this story is just a trifling decoy, or it goes to the core. Soon we'll know.

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