HongPong readers try to respond! Hyperactive spam filter kills comments without reason, but Kabul Khan's comment resurrected

A special apology to Mr Schwartz out west who noted that Charlie Sheen is not among the most credible of celebrities.

For reasons beyond my comprehension, five real comments over the last week got eaten by the Spam filter and they've only just been recovered. The good news is that most of the spammer activity has tapered off under the tight filter.

I don't know why the filter runs so tight when people aren't inserting links. I have loosened some of its rules so that hopefully these "false positives" will quit harming interested readers. I'm hoping the Recent Comments box encourages people to try one, but having the computer automatically dump them beyond the rules sucks.

I don't care if people go trolling, hey at least there's an effort to Get Involved! :)

Here's the latest from our visitors. If anyone else got screwed post a note on this post (i'll even check the spams on it!!)

Texas Youth Commission

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 2007-04-01 00:15.

This story will receive NO traction until we e-users force the issue. This is so disgusting, I did not believe it when I first read about --esp. Baumann's refusal to indict. It's absolutely revolting to say that 10-17 yr old boys were accepting of assaults! First, they were assaulted...that is what was printed. And secondly, they were under-age of consent. And third, they were assaulted by those with authority over them! It's unbelivable....but the same attorney who arrested the border patrol duo is Baumann;s supervisor! I cannot understand why this hasn't been publicized. Is being a pedophile OK with Texans?

To Anonymous: Yep it is! Next comment, on the poll:


Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2007-03-31 06:47.

The voting poll alone doesn`t even give me a alugh. My 9 year old son is more creative. Anyone who would listen to anything Danny Bonadouche has to say is as psychotic as he is. That moron will do anything to get press. He wouldn`t make a pimple on Rosie O`Donnells ass. He`s just jealous my gal pal Rosie is getting laid more than him. Air or print an idiot like that and your ratings go down the tube.

All right. The mysterious Kabul Khan weighed in with an unusual prospect. However I appreciated the directness. This was in the context of my describing "re-ottomanization" neo-con style efforts to divide the Mideast and central Asia ethnically :

New Middle East

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 2007-03-27 06:44.

I think Russia must support this new carving up plan of US.

In future Pakistani and Irani military trained Jihadis will attack Russia with help of Chechans.

Breaking up pakistan and Iran those have illegal nukes need to be divided and creating new viable states will help econmic development of region and eridicate state run religious terrorism for ever.

Kabul Khan

I usually suspect that breaking up multi-ethnic states like Pakistan and Iran radicalizes and militarizes the situation, generating more jihadi problems. Yugoslavia's breakup did just that, and those locals started helping the Chechens. Interesting though!

seriously, folks

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2007-03-26 22:14.

no one takes charlie sheen any more seriously than they did, say, anna nicole smith.

-dan schwartz

One thing about Sheen: Smith's lethal drug cocktail sure as hell wouldn't have killed him! He'd call it a refreshing breakfast course. Finally:

It might just be...

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2007-03-23 13:05.

some guy at the CIA checking out your site on his lunch break.

That is precisely the kind of audience I'm shooting for!

Again, Sorry about the Spam filter problems. Let me know if you're getting bounced!! I'll be keeping a closer eye on it now...

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