Presidential candidate Ron Paul: The media-suppressed candidate of the year! Even MySpace thinks he's spam!

Here's a good one. Over the last couple weeks, the star of the Internets has been obscure Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, an outspoken Libertarian of the old school, who's been running for president on the GOP ticket for quite a while. You wouldn't know that, of course, because of that funny way the media has of sucking oxygen out of campaigns. Paul has been virtually ignored everywhere in the mainstream, naturally.

I don't have time to insert the links now. Instead enjoy the videos!

The first GOP presidential debate got him more attention, but it immediately became apparent there was a serious and profound media prejudice/filtering effect pressing on Dr. Paul like a ton of bricks. Paul kept winning Internet polls, but this was attributed to his wily hacker constituency. Otherwise he went virtually unmentioned in AP coverage for example. ABC News got caught with its hand in the cookie jar: they refused to even put his name on their online poll. There was a big outcry and they had to add him. Paul won the poll by thousands.

None of this compared to the great, ominously orwellian censorship exercise MySpace spit out days later. Everyone who tried to post Ron Paul bulletins found their accounts instantly suspended for phishing. [ie suspected spammer/hacker activity]. Soon a MySpace moderator spilled the beans: links to Alex Jones' embedded in the Ron Paul posts trigger the MySpace spam filter. Jones, the noted internet conspiracy guy, has been an outspoken Ron Paul supporter, since he is really, surely, not part of the New World Order/globalist bastard conspiracy/etc. Paul would be the last president to set up Orwellian total control for the corporate masters, so, you know, posts about him get jammed off MySpace instantly.

Here was Ron Paul at the first presidential debate:

Here was video from the second debate, where Ron Paul and Giuliani exploded at each other, probably the highlight of the day. Paul outlines the concept of "Blowback" under heavy fire, and the audience doesn't like it too much. CIA analysts roll their eyes...

Here's the video of the MySpace auto-censorship in action. Nice work MoreRockin!

When you look at it like that, everything makes sense.

Here's Ron Paul talking about adapting to Fourth Generation Warfare AND the prospects of staging Gulf of Tonkin-style Iran war provocations.

Here's Ron Paul telling those damn sonsa bitches that the Federal Reserve board is illegal! "Ron Paul 0wnz the Federal Reserve": "We don't even have M3 statistics" in Congress any more...

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