Morgellons: Nanofibers of doom come to eat you!!! Teh w0w Awesome conspiracy of fibers!!1!!

 Images MuOnce in a rare while you come across a truly impressive conspiracy theory, one that rises above mere 'urban legend' status to give you the Creepy Crawlies and inspire a really sweet movie. Morgellons are that theory. The screenplay awaits.


Combine these two ideas: A) There were reports recently that laser printer toner generates nasty clouds of tiny nano-particles, worse even than street pollution. B) If you're a methamphetamine user, the noxious synthetic drug components can't break down and exit your system, so they come out in nasty lesions of drug goo. (when you go into jail, you get passed around for other people to lick the goo and get high). Combine these ideas and add a splash of AKIRA or the Cartman-Trapper Keeper episode:

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Here's a quick Akira video. The part about 3:30 is what I'm talking about, where Kaneda becomes this super mega mechanized blob monster. I am REALLY sorry someone put this video to Linkin Park. Yikes.

The idea is that some people manifest mysterious fibers coming out of lesions in their body. Mysterious nano-fibers of unknown origin, growing out of wounds, transmitting radio and electromagnetic energy. Microscopic observation shows suffers' skin seething with fibrous materials under the skin. Tests show it's a non-biological material. It's not just lint on a sticky rash. But tests also show latent infections in many: for indeed, Lyme Disease, found in many Morgellon's sufferers, suggests a complex of infestations which erode immunity response.


Image showing striking autofluorescence of fibers from child's lip skin lesion.

Nothing was added to skin sample, except Gel/Mount mounting media and

coverslip. Image is an overlay of red and blue images. Imaging was done

using an Olympus Provis Microscope which employs standard wavelengths

for rhodamine (Excitation 550 nm/ Emission/565 nm ) and Fluoroscein/alexa

488 (Excitation 494 nm/Emission 519nm)

There is a long-familiar disease called delusional parasitosis, which is the 'bugs under your skin psychosis' thing. Here is what purports to be the only video of morgelons, really friggin fuzzy and weird:

Here is another better video which I couldn't embed and another one of Morgellons Disease "Alive and with Intelligence." The description material contains:

Please "Sign the Following Petition" to Congress regarding the Centers for Disease Control, that they would Investigate and Research Morgellons Disease:

"Alive and with Intelligence"

Fresh out of skin and muscle tissue, these sand like granules as they are sometimes referred to can contain the Fibers, just as the fatty tissues, or the cysts, or skin sample samples, which Fibers seem to move occasionally, as being "Alive"

These Fibers initially surrounded the granule, of which there was some movement, promting investigation. Upon pulling the Fibers off of the granulated center, this Fiber seemed to reach across towards the separated bundle.

Hello to everybody who are involved in the Dreaded and Disabling Disease called Morgellons, and "Welcome" to those of you who ought to be and soon will be.

My Website is "".

In many of these Videos are seen Fresh Sample Tissues Showing the "Colored Fibers" Growing and are Produced Within the skin, the muscle and the fatty tissues. Sadly, this is only one aspect of the Disease, which is also very disabling, as it affects the brain and the neurological system also, among other things.

The many persons, Dermatologists and Physicians who fight this, and who say that it is only a phsychological Illness, have a hallucination and a delusion themselves. They don't wish to be

accountable for their great and major contributions in helping to spread this Illness, and for ruining the many peoples families, and lives of the persons who suffer from this. They

say that this Disease is Delusional, and call the patients who have this "DOP" or "Delusions of Parasitosis"

Many persons have been commited to Mental Institutions or given Anti-Phsychotic Drugs. Perhaps you know somebody or have a loved one who is going through this, and furthermore, the CDC has not done one single thing to Investigate or Fix this Problem. Are you next???

My email Address:

Also do please visit:

On the other hand, Morgellons Watch is the obligatory debunking site, claiming that "morgellons" are a product of the enviroment, and the perceived disease is a combination of other stuff. And someone is out there saying that the aerial Chemtrails and government-engineered Lyme disease are at the root of it all.

Basically I thought this was a pretty wild tale, unexpectedly creepy-crawly and already full of peculiar medical paranoia, hazy videos and unknown factors. What If the Government has created special bioweapons to turn nanoparticle pollution into sinister fibers that will eventually integrate you into the Evil Biomatrix!?!!? Can the morgellons inter-communicate? Mwahaha!


This scientist Ettmuller made this drawing in 1682. The little bugs marked 'E' are typical scabies mites. Ettmuller found weird horrible itchy fibers in sickly little British children. Etc.

 Himage5-Lips-60X Hseths-Hair

Like I said, the screenplay is waiting to be written.

UPDATE: A few more notes on new items on Morgellons here.

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