New OS X blogging tool: Ecto 3 beta 3 available!

Update aboot 6 hrs later: Beta 4 just came out, now thats what i call a quick dev cycle. should be at same URL

You can download it here: I am using it now and it certainly ain't glitch-free, but it has been a long time in coming, and I purchased the last version, so I'm happy to see this in action. There's a new Bookmarklet which you can drop into an existing browser:


"After installing the bookmarklet, you can create weblog entries from any webpage you are visiting. When viewing a page that you want to write about, select some text you want to quote, and then choose or click the "ectoize" item from the browser's Bookmarks Bar. This will open a new draft window in ecto with text from and details about the current webpage."

Not bad. It was able to download all the tags from Drupal quite nicely, and should rock on Wordpress and MovableType as well. They have a new website at Inserting hyperlinks from the clipboard is now command-shift-U . It has a little trouble styling the text, but likely this is related to a dependency on which Safari version you have.

It uses the WebKit, the Gecko-derived engine for rendering web pages, and upon launch, Ecto begs you to install Safari 3 Beta in order to make this gizmo render stuff more reliably. WebKit is provided by / is the kernel of Safari's innards. I have avoided Safari 3 Beta because I heard it was kinda hairy, and i am not really happy with Safari. But for this, I will probably bite.

The Ecto beta will work for a few weeks, then you'll have to grab the new one. I am impressed and will try to offer useful info to the developers about it, because this new Ecto has been rewritten from scratch and should provide a much better way for plugins and add-ons to push data out through the back end of Content Management Systems.

They have also released 'endo' for RSS aggregation and '1001' for Flickr stuff.

All this talk reminds me I have a very late email response owed to send to a friend who needed tips on this stuff...

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