MinnPost tackles Loose Change; penniless surfer develops Theory of Everything!; Other random stuff

I saw Loose Change a week ago at the Riverview Theater and I was definitely impressed: they took out the dumber stuff about 9/11, and replaced idle speculation about media clips with quality interviews. The graphics are great, the music is good, (although I liked some of the old music more), and overall it was a much stronger film than Loose Change 2.

This is not a full review; I'll cough that up later. Suffice it to say, Loose Change is a lot more fun to watch in a packed theater.

Anyhow, the new MinnPost operation offered up a relatively positive review from Rob Nelson: MinnPost - Rob Nelson: Spare 'Change'? Film panhandles for 9/11 outrage. Way to go Rob.

This surfer dude apparently defeated string theory with a great and simple theory which places all subatomic particles on a 248-point structure dubbed E8. This is great because the theory can easily be proven: missing E8 particles should be discoverable:

Telegraph, U.K. Telegraph, U.K. - An out-of-work surfer with a Ph.D. in astrophysics has published a paper entitled An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything that has caught the attention of the scientific community as a possible explanation of the four basic forces of the cosmos. Physicists from Einstein and on have long sought a "theory of everything" but have been stymied by the inability to include gravity in a simple, workable approach.Garrett Lisi, 39, of Nevada, believes he has uncovered a model that not only incorporates gravity, but also requires no complex mathematics and relies on only one dimension of time and three of space, corresponding to the dimensions humans experience in daily life. Standard cosmological theories of the universe, especially string theory, require ten or more dimensions of space that are difficult to imagine.

The mathematics behind Lisi's model are based on a geometric structure known since the 19th century as E8. The structure of E8 consists of 248 points, and the formulas necessary to understand the interrelationships among these points were recently worked out in detail. Lisi believes all sub-atomic particles fit on these points and that the observed groupings of these particles correspond to defined sections of E8. His theory posits new sub-atomic particles that allow his theory to be tested, much like Einstein's General Theory of Relativity provided certain tests that could be determined in nature as a means of proving his theory.

Several prominent cosmologists have lauded Lisi's paper, though the bulk of the scientific community remains skeptical and cautious. Even Lisi cautions that his theory, while beautiful in construction, has many hurdles to overcome. If correct, the theory would not only overthrow the work of scientists for the past three or more decades, and upset the current Standard Theory, it would like the General Theory of Relativity be another major physics breakthrough that comes from an outsider and loner in the scientific community.
Lisi spends his time surfing and snowboarding, and conducts hiking guides for a living. Lisi's theory was first published in New Scientist. Popular notice of his theory has arisen because of an article published by the science editor of the U.K. Telegraph.

More about that here: Penniless Surfer Devises Intriguing Cosmological Theory of Everything | The Agonist.

Obama has a really good technology plan, which supports net neutrality and other awesome ways to open the government to public participation via the Internets! WhiteHouse.gov having public comment threads for legislation. Awesome!! This alone is prolly enough to swing me over to Obama at this stage. VentureBeat » Exclusive: Barack Obama to name a “Chief Technology Officer”.

You can get a gold-plated MacBook Pro. Really. When you've got that Marie Antoinette kinda feeling. MA896LL/A-GOLD | 24 Karat Gold MacBook Pro: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 15.4" TFT display | PowerMax.


Some interesting stuff from The Agonist if you're interested in quality international affairs coverage. The "Hitler Comparison". On the one hand, Bush started killing people a lot faster than Hitler did. On the other hand, he doesn't really seem to throw his full lot in with it. But rationalized annihilation runs strong with both these figures, and the political movements they head definitely both have some fascist traits, which I won't elaborate on here.

Time to drop the U.S. militarized economy meme. I added a positive plan to shut off the military industrial complex:

existing military-industrial job conversion is best

In Chalmers Johnson's Nemesis he talked about how the U.S. is headed for bankruptcy because of 'military Keynsianism.' i.e. juicing the economy by pumping in the mil cash. But unlike regular keynsianism, where you quit adding so much money on the boom side, with military keynsianism it's a perpetual motion machine, with the consequent expanding of foreign wars.

the best solution is to tally up all the jobs salaried from the machine, and make a goal of no Net job loss, while splitting up and non-profitizing the corporate entities like Boeing. You convert the profit war jobs to non profit green energy institute jobs, preferably at a 1:1 ratio. The result is that all the whizbang stuff is devoted to finding new sustainable energy stuff, and therefore you would be able to capitalize on new tech methods and provide a legitimate, economically viable foundation for the future. (while avoiding the dislocation from mass firings and Falling Down Michael Douglas psychos running the streets.) All these salaries could still be paid straight outta debt like they are now, but at least produced widgets would be economically productive!

The Biofuels Situation Hits Close to Home. Benazir Bhutto: Grade-A Scum. No Immunity In the FISA Bill. That's all for now!

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