Flashblock speeds Firefox by jamming ugly Flash garbage

I like to have way too many tabs open. But Firefox for OS X doesn't respond too well to that. It tends to get really pokey and start to lock up the whole computer. The CPU meter gets really high when I've got too many tabs.

Here's what's really going on. Many of the pages I'm at have embedded Flash animations. (Many banner ads, and Google Video embeds, etc, are really Flash.) Even when the tab is not in front (selected/in focus), they are still running, absorbing CPU and RAM. Firefox starts to crawl, and I can't even type fast.

So there is an Firefox addon called Flashblock, and it works great! Awesome, way to go. If you want to run the Flash on a site, just click it on.

Right now Firefox has more than a couple dozen tabs and it is still keeping CPU at 12%. That is savings you can bank on. Firefox is much more responsive and the whole computer seems happier.

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