Monolingual and Leopard Bloat; hack Final Cut Express for your non-AGP graphics or low RAM

Interesting cases if you care. Less so if you don't.

Among our audience, the new OS X 10.5 Leopard has caused some sadness due to outdating of programs and a lag in needed hacks. (you know what I'm talking about). I am not on 10.5 yet, as i need to scrub my computer and erase the main HD, really. On the other hand, it's fast.

How to hack Final Cut Express HD to run on a non-AGP graphics card blessed machine:

Sadly FCP Express jeers you if you try to run it on a MacBook, refusing to boot saying AGP video card required. Which seems like bullshit because the Macbook is fairly modern and "Express" is supposed to be a watered-down FCP anyway. So how do we trick Quartz Extreme into accepting your crappier video card?

The answer is almost the same as a much older hack to force FCP to run on low RAM machines. You can cheat the RAM checking of your computer's specs, by changing the purty settings:

<key>AELMinimumRAMSize</key> <string>512</string>change that pesky 512 MB to something lower. Or whatever. just don't cry when it runs slow or crashes because it ran out.
To activate the non-AGP support:

right-click or control-click on FCP Express and select "Open Package Contents".

Open "Contents" folder.

Open "info.plist" and find where it says "AGP". This is near some stuff like <key>IOPCI</key> or something like that.

Change "AGP" to "PCI" . and reboot yr box.

What you're really doing here is telling the IOPCI to go screw itself and be happy with a regular crappy video hookup, rather than demanding sparkly AGP. Or something like that. We heard the escape key may also let you into FCP at the AGP page.


Monolingual said to work OK for Leopard but beware DANGEROUS default settings!

Leopard installs a ton of crap that no one needs unless: you are personally a stack of all major printers AND you speak more languages than the pissed off bastards building the Tower of Babel, there's about 2-4 GB to be recovered from the gunk.

Apple installs a ton of major global languages by default; the install disc automatically puts in Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and other versions of the bits of the user interface. And also a million printer drivers for Canon, HP and whatever else. The typical user will never need any of this stuff. (admittedly people use some printers and different languages, but installing all of them is just plain wasteful).

I haven't run the Leopard installer, but the "Custom" option has some things you can turn off. But if you never did that, you gotta cut this crap loose.

The useless printer drivers are around /Library/Printers I think. The useless other languages are everywhere, inside of all applications in the form of thousands of tiny files.

There are a few programs that can strip the foreign languages, but are they safe for Leopard? The early word is that it is OK to run these progs, but may defeat the security "signed code" feature by muddling what it's checking against.

Monolingual is the one I have used, BUT YOU NEED TO UNCHECK ALL ARCHITECTURES UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE DOING! (by default, it may eat the executable code parts you need. Nice design, guys!)

Macaroni is another program that can do this, and maybe there is an issue with code signing, though the authors strongly deny it.

Leopard Code Signing and Keychain Problems (Switchers' Blog).

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Also note that any 'slimmer' program that strips Adobe's useless foreign language help files will cause Adobe to throw a shitfit and refuse to launch until you reinstall. So Monolingual will kill your Adobe progs unless you specifically exclude the Adobe folders via Prefs. (maybe /Library/Application Support/Adobe too?)

I didn't intend for this post to seem dire, but getting your space back is a chancy, permanent hack for the unprepared and the default settings with these programs are annoyingly WRONG. But they seem to be OK on Leopard so far (tho of course Monolingual's sourceforge page says nothing about 10.5!).

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