Winter Solstice: Time to pivot!

A hearty welcome to Zuma, a fellow contributor with a background in aviation and stuff. Zuma was at Miami International during Iran Contra, and anyone with this in their life story can frankly post whatever they want (within the Bluehost usage policy):

Rex Wheeler was the head of security [at TAMPA Aviation]. I noted the autographed framed picture on his wall -of George Bush. I noted the confusing mystery of it all even though privy to much private documentary activity, even officially as I was the consulate courier among other duties. Ostensibly TAMPA, like dear ol Dad, was on the side of the good guys. I still believe that, but do know there were those within not playing by the rules or on 'our' side. These were the Iran-Contra era circumstances...
I'll tell you now, there is for me no index of suspicion. The CIA is in the drug business completely. -Down there. All of us in Cockroach Corner at Miami International Airport knew who Southern Air Transport was. That may have blown their 'cover' but they could not so quickly suspend activity. Their activity was twofold and quite contradictatory. Interdiction *and* facilitation. In short, manage those who were allowed and disallow those who were unmanaged. Not just any pirate could run drugs. Who was to decide? That was the prize and question.

I am planning to launch a few new websites very soon, and it's just this kind of story we are going to be looking for. More on that 'pretty soon'.


Tonight, I finally got around to fixing all off Drupal's version update woes, and that alone makes me feel better about putting effort into this site. I also finally fixed the Blog URL pathauto problem that was making dumb brackets whenever anyone made a blog entry.

I have to admit that I have not been entirely honest with the readership of this weird old website. I have been posting rather goofy posts that are intended to obfuscate more than enlighten, skimming over many stories in the usual haphazard way, kind of devoid of the usual structure I used to put into it.

Basically I have been putting more chaff than wheat into my posts @ For the last couple weeks I have been working on a really major, off-the-radar story in Minnesota, and I haven't even crossposted it here because I am trying to focus the energies of the Google on where the story is posted @ my day job, PIM. So I put up goofy posts that drifted into collections of goofy alien stories, which are of course one of the Internet's old school goofball themes.


In any case, that kind of stuff does not really have an 'axis of action.' It's just random sentences, linking out to somewhere, for some poorly articulated reason. Not a great use of anyone's time. I'm developing a Whole New Theory of Action; implementing this plan would be the point of the new websites.

Also, the last months, years (?) have not exactly been salad days* for my ability to communicate clearly with my regular circles of friends. Part of this is the typical breaking-the-ice social anxiety, which I usually can dispel with after the second beer.

But, also, (you'll laugh at me) a good chunk of my anxiety came from the fact that my old cell phone had really fuzzy sound. It was hard to have a good conversation when it was that fuzzy. That, combined with the deceptive horrors of Sprint billing, seriously curtailed the whole 'talking' thing for me. Fortunately, I have just gotten a spiffy Helio Ocean for Christmas from my folks, and so far I am very happy with it. With a little luck, I will actually begin to *call people* again.


Of course, the dark winter days are always the worst for me. I am glad I got an apartment with good West-facing sunlight this fall. My mental state isn't 'horrible' at all; I'm not feeling agitated. It's mostly the usual winter blues.

The winter solstice is here. Only two years ago, I was at a funeral for my friend on the very day of the winter solstice, and it was not a coincidence. People look for stuff to kill the pain in Minnesota at this time of year, and it is possible to go too far.

Do not let your friends and family abuse painkillers at the darkest time of year.


This post went a bit grim. I have to stop on the solstice milepost. And I am not trying to freak anyone out. It's more that there has been a morose drift to my general lifestyle, and an accordant silly half-assed blogging counterpart. I feel like I have really pretty much hit the bottom and I am drifting back to a better frame.

I definitely feel like there is a good pivot opportunity right now. I have to clean the hell out of my apartment. I washed the bird poop off my car today. I can do the dirty dishes. I can expose the fake War on Drugs and bring down the Man.

This has been a great week, really. Over at work, we are locking in new advertisers and finally rolling in some revenue. I have exposed the NAFTA Superhighway conspiracy to the Minnesota political establishment (politicians, Capitol staff, the PR firms, Big Labor, etc.). They've been exposed to the crazy documents I stumbled across, and that will probably help when the Democrats start their huge fight with MnDOT soon (they just launched a new $500K investigation this week).

So thanks again for stopping by. Better things are really close to paying off. (If anyone wants to give me an Xmas present, just sign up for Bluehost and I get an impressive $65 referral. These guys rule.)

*mordred told us to lay off the lazy metaphors. shit

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