Atmosphere puts out a free holiday album

Good news from those underground mandarins around the corner: Atmosphere put out a free winter album dubbed "Strictly Leakage". Also interesting is that Ant, longtime Rhymesayers beat producer, is featured up front. He has been on stage a lot more as well, although once upon a time he seemed a very reclusive and mysterious figure, to be rarely sighted at First Ave like Waldo.

Download it from this page. And check out the funny fireside chess game video. The fire is a TV screen, i almost missed that. Very post-Minnesotan really.

The new Atmos EP "Sad Clown Bad Winter 11" also has some nice tracks but I haven't heard the whole thing yet.

As long as we are on the subject, Aesop Rock's None Shall Pass is... yet another Aesop Rock album. It will probably take about a year for me to get it.

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