Ecto beta ate my drafts: that's why it's called Beta, dude

Another riveting tale of Ecto blog software beta testing. Ecto is at Beta 16 now and starting to chug along nicely.

Myahhh... Another day, another pesky beta bug. I don't really think this can be blamed on the developer, though, and certainly when you uses deez Betas, you're gonna take a chance on losing some data.

It seemed that my accounts preference file got tangled up into my instant messenger preferences, which is pretty weird. But it caused the program to jam up after launch without any feedback about what was wrong. Fortunately the ever-verbose OS X Console program told me a corrupt preference file was confusing things.

Moving accounts.plist out of the ~/Application Support/ecto3 folder deleted all my accounts, and blog post drafts, but it also cleared up the situation entirely.

The file had lots of odd text/binary characters in it. Not sure what it all meant. Annoying stuff. In a somewhat fortunate twist it appears that the lost drafts are still hanging around in encoded XML format at ecto3/items , so they are not totally lost to the bit bucket.

As you might imagine, this situation curtailed all attempts at pretty-looking blogging for a couple weeks, while the holidays ran their course.

Everything is pretty cool right now, and now doubly cool because I managed to troubleshoot a naughty application through the Console.

Problem solved. Next time we will tell you how to make Windows Vista Not Suck. Just kidding; that's impossible.

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