Hillary's skeleton: These CIA Iran-Contra Arkansas docs reveal ugly past

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Many people don't like Hillary Clinton because she seems dodgy and shady. Her background at the Rose Law Firm in the 1980s has really not been examined, because the American press, the GOP and the Democrats don't want to once again wheel out the huge, Bush-powered empire of 1980s corruption labeled Iran-Contra.

However, the truth will reveal itself. The corporate fronts, the paper trails, and most persuasive of all, government documents like these freely available FOIA CIA docs candidly talk about how branches of the scandal were set up in Arkansas. Hillary is not clean here. It's a heavily censored discussion between GOP Rep. Leach of IOWA, the CIA and the DIA. There ain't a real smoking gun, *but* this should be enough to prove to any sane person that *more of these documents are out there.* Can we get some sunshine on this??!! Can we get this into the Iowa scene??

To get this document: go to http://www.foia.cia.gov
Search for "Barry Seal" in the document search box up top.

OR: The whole darn thing can be printed straight off the CIA's website here:
Which goes here:
(You can't beat that for credibility!)

The Rose Law Firm set up Trinity Oil & Gas, and one Iran-contra veteran, Al Martin, has claimed that Hillary was counsel on that deal. Webster Hubbell certainly chartered a lot of these 'funny' businesses. (See "The Conspirators: Secrets of An Iran Contra Insider, ISBN 0-9710042-0-X , I can provide scans of the Hillary pages upon email request)

So: This doc asks all the funny questions about those old scandals. More stuff like this has to be out there. The totally uncensored version of this would look bad for both the Clintons. All voters should know about the existence of this document (and documents like this!!).

The journalistic and political problem with this document is that no one wants to go here, so Sen. Clinton is totally immunized from the issue. But at the same time, the full version of this doc, and surely plenty of others probably stashed around VP Cheney's wallet, could get dropped into the media as an October Surprise!

Make your own judgments. The media's reluctance to go back into old scandals and old documents doesn't mean the GOP won't try it on October 25th, 2008. Maybe I'm being too conspiratorial or crazy, but I say, let this document speak for itself!

--Dan Feidt - hongpong@hongpong.com

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